Pumpkin Charity Lip Butter

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This Lip Butter is made in loving memory of my angel, Pumpkin. He was my pet duck & ever so sassy! The sassier he was, the more I loved him. Unfortunately recently he was playing in the mud out in the yard with my other ducks & had an encounter with a wild bald eagle. My dog and I ran outside and broke it up, and Pumpkin was still fighting bless his heart. However, my baby did not survive through the night. I know he was being brave, trying to protect the other ducks, who were unharmed. I’m still heart broken about it all. So I created this Pumpkin flavored Lip Butter, and I will donate $2.00 of every purchase to the World Wild Life Fund. The goal is to try and raise $55.00 which will fund and adopt a wild animal in this organization. Lets make it happen! I am and always will be an animal lover, and with your help we can help make a contribution to this organization!

So far we have raised over $110