African Bloodstone Bracelet

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Bloodstone- Good Fortune, Intuition, Reduces Irritability, Aggressiveness and Impatience

*Excellent blood cleanser and a powerful healing stone

* Heightens intuition 

*Increases Creativity

*Draws off negative environmental energy

*Stimulates dreaming and is a powerful revitalizer

*Gives courage and teaches one how to avoid dangerous situations

*Assists in adjusting to unaccustomed circumstances

*Commonly used when dealing with childbirth due to its ability to bring strength, courage and vitality to both mother and baby during birth

*Excellent at helping balance out menstrual issues, getting your cycle back on track and any problems that arise due to hormones or PMS

*Boosts strength, courage and resilience making it the stone that has been known for being gifted to heroes and soldiers on the battlefield

*Great stone for anyone who has issues of abandonment, loneliness and trauma from bullying

*Boosts energy and brings brightness back to the soul